Tales of Arise: RPG producer responds to criticism and talks about the future

The producer thus recognizes the criticisms formulated on the lack of variety on the side of the enemies as on the content post game less provided than expected: obviously, the fact of having had to start from scratch, with the use in particular of a new engine – the Unreal Engine 4 – explains according to Tomizawa these conceptual limits noted by the players. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much to offer as in the past. The reason is that we started working on this title from scratch, and had to make sure it was finalized correctly in the first place.“. According to him, the use of Atmos Shaders highlighted during development should be “the basis for future episodes“, to give the characters the desired visual rendering and expressiveness, even if it is not yet known whether the results of this research will be used in the next installment or in a later game.

On the future of the franchise, Tomizawa is already giving an appointment for the 30th anniversary of the saga, in 2025, even if the outlines of the project are still vague for the moment. “Rather than crafting an episode labeled 30th Anniversary for 2025, we want to give fans exactly what they’re looking for.“, is content to declare the producer, who hopes to be able to count on a form of effervescence around the event. “We’d also like to flesh out the Tales of Arise story in some way.“, in order to answer the questions left unanswered, in particular those related to the character of Shionne. In any case, if an anime were to see the light of day, the objective would be according to Tomizawa not to relate the events in the same way as in the game. But the producer is still evasive on the subject – “there is nothing i can confirm at this time“.

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