Tallulah Willis: Her mother’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher was tough on her

Tallulah Willis
Her mother’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher was tough for her

Ashton Kutcher with Demi Moore and Tallulah Willis (from left) in 2006 in Los Angeles.

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Demi Moore’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher was difficult for Tallulah Willis, the actress’ daughter tells US TV.

It was apparently difficult for Tallulah Willis (29) when she was young that her mother got together with another man after she divorced her father. The daughter of Demi Moore (60) and Bruce Willis (68) according to a report by the “Page Six” hinted at in the new US reality show “Stars on Mars”.

Her fellow participant Ronda Rousey (36) asked her what it was like for Willis to grow up with “extremely famous parents”. The 29-year-old responded that she only understood how famous her family is when her mother met Ashton Kutcher, 45, after her divorce from Bruce Willis.

“It was really hard”

“It was around 2003 and my mom had just started dating Ashton,” recalls Tallulah Willis, who was barely 10 at the time. “It was at that moment that a lot happened and I really looked inside myself,” she continues. Willis likens the situation to a dumpster fire, a total disaster. “It was really hard,” and she still deals with it today.

Willis basically processed the whole thing and now has a lot of love for herself and her family. Her mother and father were married between 1987 and 2000. In addition to Tallulah, they also had daughters Scout, 31, and Rumer, 34. Moore’s subsequent marriage to Ashton Kutcher lasted from 2005 to 2013.

Action legend Bruce Willis is hardly in the public eye these days, he suffers from dementia. Together with his current wife, Emma Heming-Willis (44), he has two other daughters – Mabel (11) and Evelyn (9). In recent years, Willis and his wife, his ex-wife Moore and all the children have always presented themselves as a big and happy blended family.

This is Stars on Mars

In the USA, the new reality series “Stars on Mars” started on June 5th. In addition to Willis and Rousey, the Fox production also features actress Ariel Winter (25), comedian Natasha Leggero (49) and ex-cyclist Lance Armstrong (51). “Star Trek” legend William Shatner (92) acts as host.


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