Tanja Bülter: She confirms the marriage-out

Moderator Tanja Bülter and her husband Nenad Drobnjak broke up after seven years of marriage.

The sparrows are already whistling it off the roof, now it's official: Moderator Tanja Bülter (48) and her husband Nenad Drobnjak go their separate ways. The 48-year-old of the "Bild" newspaper confirmed that the marriage had ended after seven years: "It was many months ago that we had to process something like this ourselves before the whole thing became public," explains Bülter.

The couple have "lived apart" in the past two years and developed in "two different directions," she explains to lifestyle blogger the reasons for the separation. People tried to save love again and again, but the efforts had been in vain: "It was actually the darn seventh year of our marriage. We ended up being almost 14 years together."

Peaceful separation

The separation is said to be resolved on a "peaceful and harmonious level" because of the two children together, Bülter continued. As far as "upbringing and values ​​are concerned", they continue to pull together: "I am especially proud of our children. They will continue to connect us."

Bülter and Drobnjak have been married since 2013. It is said to have sparked between the two in 2007.