Tanja Szewczenko: A few days after the birth, she shows her stomach

Tanja Szewczenko
A few days after the birth, she shows her stomach

Tanja Szewczenko is satisfied with the regression of her baby bump.

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Tanja Szewczenko shows her stomach 13 days after the birth and proudly comments: “My mega ball has become a mini-ball.”

Tanja Szewczenko (43) gave birth to her twins 13 days ago and now shows on Instagramhow far her baby bump has already receded. On a bathroom mirror selfie in which she stands sideways to the camera and has pulled up her T-shirt to reveal her stomach, she writes: “It has been almost two weeks since Leo & Luis were born. My mega ball is a mini -Ball become. ”

She enjoys the time of regression, as she continues to let her followers know, “because I want to be able to say goodbye to my baby bump little by little, I loved it too much and presented it proudly”. Due to the premature rupture of the bladder and the early birth in the 34th week of pregnancy – around 40 – she was “almost taken by surprise” and was not prepared to “say goodbye”, explains the actress and former figure skater.

She watches her stomach shrink

Tanja Szewczenko explains that she has made up for saying goodbye since she was born. “Including after-labor, I took a few minutes every day to watch the stomach shrink,” she writes. The uterus needs time. “An organ that is not much bigger than a small pear expanded to carry two children along with amniotic fluid and placenta! My uterus had to hold about 6kg and I think it did a great job,” she enthuses and thanks with the organ.

“Baby blues in the puerperium”

Tanja Szewczenko also reports in her post about the days immediately after the birth. “The first days after the caesarean section weren’t painless. I didn’t look like an egg either and on the third day the BABY BLUES caught up with me. I lay pale around the nose in my hospital bed and poured snot and water,” remembers you yourself. The lactation consultant reassured her by explaining to her: “When the tears run, the milk runs too.” And in fact the “milk injection followed the tears on the foot”.

Nothing is perfect in the puerperium and it takes time to arrive, the body has to adjust to the new tasks, summarizes Szewczenko and appeals to her followers: “So don’t get stressed in the #postpartum time !!!!”

Twins make family happiness perfect

At the end of October, Szewczenko confirmed to the magazine “Bunte” that she and her partner Norman Jeschke (42) had married. Jeschke is also a figure skater and in 2008 played himself in “Everything that counts”. In the summer of 2008 it sparked between the two, as Szewczenko said in an interview at the end of 2009. Their daughter, Jona, was born in 2011. Leo and Luis followed “on April 27 at 11:50 pm and 11:51 pm,” as the proud mother announced on Instagram a day later.