Tanja Szewczenko defends herself: Diaper criticism online drives her crazy

Tanja Szewczenko
“We don’t have to train children!” Hearty announcement after criticism on the net

Tanja Szewczenko makes an announcement to the “mothers’ police”.

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Tanja Szewczenko is actually calmness itself. She likes to share her everyday life with children on Instagram and is open to tips and tricks in everyday mum life. But now a follower has obviously gone too far.

Well, what’s going on there? Tanja Szewczenko, 45, shares an angry story on her Instagram channel. “It’s such news, my hat cord goes up!”, She gets into the topic, which is obviously exhausting for her. Your tension is palpable as you read. The former figure skater seems almost to explode with indignation. “It’s so offensive and irrelevant [sic]”, she rages. But what actually happened?

Tanja Szewczenko: Full diapers cause a potty scandal

Tanja reacts to a message from a concerned mother. This was preceded by a post from the actress, in which she remarked on a photo of one of her twin boys lying on the ground that her two youngest were waiting for her with “extremely full diapers”. “It borders on air pollution,” she writes with a wink. A tip from the community was not long in coming.

The news obviously tickled Tanja’s patience. She then shared the unwelcome comment with her fans. The user wondered why the children of the 45-year-old would not go to the potty independently “if they have to grow up”? She has set up fixed times for her own offspring. In the meantime, “at the age of one and a half, they only needed the [Windeln] at night.” A pointer that Tanja didn’t take very well. “‘Your child can’t do it yet? But mine has long since been able to … ‘”, she imitates the apparently rivaling intention behind the message, and comments annoyed: “a widespread disease of some mothers.”

Mom community supports Tanja

Young mothers in particular felt pressured by such information or worried and worried. “Or think they’ve done something wrong [sic]”, explains Tanja. “Your children are great the way they are. It doesn’t really matter if your child can walk 5 months later than others or if it takes longer with the diapers,” she addresses the moms in her community. “My boys are physically fit, but they don’t speak. WHO CARES? We don’t have to train our children. We are all individual! Everything at its own time and at a pace that is okay for the child and feels right for you!!!!”

Tanja Szewczenko: "We don't have to train children!" Hearty announcement after criticism on the net

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An emotional outburst that was received with gratitude by many followers. “Always these overmothers. We let our daughter decide for herself,” explains a fan. “In today’s society, one feels far too quickly as a ‘bad’ mother or thinks there is something wrong with the children, although every child is like that as it is, right and perfect,” confirms a user. “Excuse me? Fixed times for the potty? My twins are now 2.5 and have absolutely no interest in it. Eventually everyone will dry up,” notes one mother from her own experience.

Tanja Szewczenko: "We don't have to train children!" Hearty announcement after criticism on the net

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Balm for Tanja’s troubled mother soul. And immediately her usual humorous serenity sets in again. When another community member commented, what would happen if the child couldn’t go to the potty when it had to, she replies wittily: “Then it will probably have to be detained” – and afterwards: “And now you can laugh! “

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