Tanja Szewczenko: There will be twins!

Tanja Szewczenko
There will be twins!

Tanja Szewczenko performing in Europapark

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Tanja Szewczenko has revealed the "last secret" about her pregnancy: She is expecting identical twins.

Tanja Szewczenko (43) has twins. She now revealed on Instagram. "Dear ones, today we are going to reveal the last secret about my pregnancy!", The 43-year-old explained in a post: "We are having … identical twins." And she added: "To this day we can hardly believe that we received this gift from fate! Of course, it also brought double worries and fears about the pregnancy, but I'll tell you about it another time."

In the picture she is holding her baby bump, which she has wrapped in a blue dress with a floral pattern. Also shown in the photo are her husband and daughter, as well as two baby dolls with blue accessories. Szewczenko is expecting two boys. She had also previously announced that the due date is "purely arithmetically 06/11/2021". "But according to the gynecologist, we expect an appointment a little earlier."

She announced her pregnancy in December

The former figure skater and later "Everything that counts" actress announced at the end of December that she would be a mother again. But the way there was obviously not an easy one: At the time, she wrote that she had tried to get pregnant again for five years and had experienced "many setbacks and sad phases as well as phases that were more than serious in terms of health". In the end it would have worked the "natural way".

At the end of October, Szewczenko confirmed to the magazine "Bunte" that she and her partner Norman Jeschke (42) had married. Jeschke is also a figure skater and in 2008 played himself in "Everything that counts". In the summer of 2008 there was a spark between the two, as Szewczenko said in an interview in late 2009. Their daughter, Jona, was born in 2011.