Taratata 100% against cancer: why Florent Pagny declined Nagui’s invitation

Florent Pagny will not participate in the special edition of Taratata: 100% against cancer this Saturday, October 29 on France 2. Here is why the singer declined Nagui’s invitation.

It has been almost thirty years since Nagui manages to convince the biggest stars of music to participate in Taratata. “When artists are looking for a place to perform, the phrase that often comes up is that Taratata is the place to be”notes the star host in an interview with TV Star. His ultimate quest? Having Bruce Springsteen on set. In the meantime, Nagui would negotiate a special program with Michel Polnareff, a dream he has also cherished for a long time. What about Jean-Jacques Goldman, composer of the show’s credits? “We exchange regularly and he kicks in touch, explains Nagui. “Jean-Jacques, his decision seems firm and final.”

Another great French singing star recently declined his invitation to participate in a special edition of Taratata for cancer research this Saturday October 29 at 9 p.m. on France 2. Exhausted by this same diagnosed disease that he was diagnosed in last January, Florent Pagny does not feel strong enough to come and give voice alongside Zazie, Patrick Bruel, Marc Lavoine and Pascal Obispo. “Initially, we wanted to do a concert with himreveals Nagui. Florent called me and explained to me that things were getting better and better, that he was very optimistic but that he wanted to be in top form before singing. For him, October was a bit early.“Back in France after a stay in Patagonia, Florent Pagny is currently undergoing a battery of tests to check his state of health.

This show that Nagui refuses to do

If he is inhabited by a real passion for his job, Nagui does not intend to exhaust himself on ad vitam aeternam television sets. This Saturday, October 29, the host confided to the microphone of France Info not to imagine one day “sitting on a sofa with a dog“, in the manner of Michel Drucker. What if retirement was soon? In September 2021, Nagui told Sud Radio that he would not “would not cling“. A statement reiterated on the side of France Info: “I kinda have the idea of ​​the date [de la retraite]because a while ago, first of all, Carpe Diem too: I kinda want to have moments of leisure and relaxation.Nagui is already planning to share special moments with his four children and his partner.

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Florent Pagny
Florent does not feel fit enough to sing.


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Nagui has invited many stars to sing for cancer research in Taratata this evening.

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Nagui has been convincing stars for almost thirty years to come and sing in Taratata.

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Nagui dreams of one day seeing Bruce Springsteen on the Taratata set.

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Johnny Halliday Taratata
The biggest music stars have sung on Nagui’s show.

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Gerard Depardieu in Taratata
Movie stars even came to give voice to Nagui.

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Nagui would discuss with Michel Polnareff about a special program of Taratata.

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Nagui does not want to drag on television.

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Nagui would have in mind a retirement date.

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Nagui does not imagine finishing his career on television in a sofa, next to a dog.

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Nagui wants to be able to enjoy his loved ones.

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