Target area Weinviertel – After a chase, a big fish went into the net

There was guesswork about a demolished car that stood in a field near Roseldorf in the Hollabrunn district for several days. The scene of the accident was the end of a chase between two men and the police after a burglary in Eggenburg. Only one inmate got away with a report – his “colleague” was a wanted professional burglar.

The conspicuous barrier tapes that were wrapped around the vehicle, and which also caused astonishment, were not attached without reason: It was the – confiscated – vehicle with which two burglars gave several police patrols a wild chase and at breakneck speed had rolled over – the “Krone” reported. The perpetrators tried to flee on foot, but the officers were able to quickly catch them, not least because of their injuries.Caught in the actA comparison with the database quickly revealed: One of the two inmates who had previously been caught stealing a bicycle in Eggenburg was likely to have more on the criminal tally: There was already a valid arrest warrant against him because traces of two burglaries could be assigned to him. Investigations were expanded This led the investigators to the region around Laa an der Thaya. This made it clear that the criminal’s “specialty” could encompass the entire northern Weinviertel region. In painstaking investigative work, the officials were also able to assign other offenses to the detainee. To make matters worse, the accused proves to be a “hard bone” during interrogation – so the investigation will most likely take longer…
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