Tarn: a town offers good fuel for a full tank of gas to all its inhabitants

The mayor of Burlats (Tarn), near Castres, has decided to offer a “good fuel” of 60 euros to some 1,000 households in the town, to relieve their budget. This voucher is in addition to the discount of 18 cents per liter recently decided by the government.

“There will be a QR code, which you just have to scan,” explained Serge Sérieys, the DVD mayor of Burlats, to France 2.

The voucher will be distributed to all households, without any means test, in this town of 2,200 inhabitants where a car is essential.

Christmas gift before time

Cost of the measure: 60,000 euros. The operation required postponing some minor road works, but no major improvement of the town was impacted. “We already have two very well-equipped schools,” says the elected official.

The decision was voted on Thursday, March 31 in city council. It is at the nearby supermarket, with which a partnership has been established, that the inhabitants will be able to use their good fuel.

For the latter, the decision comes in any case at the right time: on 1er April, the price of a liter of diesel still exceeded two euros.

“Given the rise in prices, everyone needs a gesture like this,” greets a resident. “We even thought it was April Fools,” another resident told France 2.

For four years, the town hall of Burlats has already offered the first 20 cubic meters of water to all its inhabitants, a discount of around 50 euros each year.

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