Taron Egerton: Actor replaces Robert Pattinson in book adaptation

Taron Egerton
Actor replaces Robert Pattinson in the book adaptation

Taron Egerton is known for his role as Elton John in the movie “Rocketman”.

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Robert Pattinson was supposed to play in the film adaptation of the novel “Stars at Noon”. Taron Egerton now stands in for him.

Taron Egerton (31) will play a role in the upcoming film “Stars at Noon”. The actor replaces Robert Pattinson (35). Because filming was postponed by a year due to the corona pandemic, Pattinson had to according to “The Hollywood Reporter” step down from his role in the book adaptation. He has other obligations that cannot be postponed.

Egerton achieved worldwide fame when he played music legend Elton John (74) in the biopic “Rocketman” in 2019. For this role, the 31-year-old Briton was awarded a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy / musical.

“Stars at Noon” is based on the novel of the same name by Germany-born Denis Johnson (1949-2017) from 1986. The story takes place in Nicaragua in the 1980s during the civil war and political unrest. Taron Egerton takes on the role of an employee of a dubious oil company. One day he meets an American reporter who is involved in the company herself, who is on a seedy mission in the South American country and who has some secrets with her. The shooting of the film is to start in October after a year of Corona break.