“Tatort”: Frankfurt commissioners investigate after the summer break

“Crime scene”
Frankfurt commissioners are investigating after the summer break

Margarita Broich and Wolfram Koch investigate in Frankfurt.

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On August 29th, the “crime scene” returns from the break. In “Who hesitates is dead”, the Frankfurt team investigates a kidnapping.

“Tatort” fans can look forward to more supplies on August 29th. The successful crime series returns from the summer break with a case from Frankfurt. The commissioners Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch) will investigate an unusual kidnapping case in “Who hesitates is dead” (8:15 pm in the first).

“Anyone who hesitates is dead”: That’s what it’s all about

In the middle of the day, Frederick Seibold (Helgi Schmid) is attacked by four people masked with dog heads on a golf course near Frankfurt. He comes to in a dark basement hole. The two Frankfurt chief inspectors are investigating the case when Seibold’s ex-girlfriend, Bille Kerbel (Britta Hammelstein), receives a cut finger and takes it to the police.

The kidnapper’s father, Konrad Seibold (Bernhard Schütz), is a well-off business lawyer. He had also been sent a finger, but does not want to pay a ransom because he suspects that his son is behind the kidnapping. When it turns out that the severed fingers did not come from Frederick, the father appears to be right. Via the ex-girlfriend, the trail leads to Conny Kaiserling (Christina Große), owner of a studio for women’s self-defense courses. Brix wants to use Fanny (Zazie de Paris) there undercover.

Janneke and Brix are sent to the Taunus, where a woman’s body was found. In search of outside interference, the coroner finds fragments of skin from Frederick Seibold under Antonia Wagner’s fingernails …

The “crime scene: he who hesitates is dead” was according to the announcement of the Hessischer Rundfunk Filmed from September 2 to October 8, 2020 in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Petra Lüschow (55), who also wrote the script, was directed.

Since June 27, “Tatort” repeats have been shown at 8:15 pm on the first. On the coming Sunday (July 25th) Ballauf and Schenk will investigate in “Tatort: ​​Kaputt”.