Taxes, millionaire bankers and new means of payment… The 3 news of the day for your money

A new European payment solution to be discovered at the end of June, a way to know how many taxpayers have the same tax rate as you and an increase in the number of millionaire bankers… Here are the three pieces of information you shouldn’t miss on MoneyVox this Tuesday, April 23.

The question of the day: how many French people pay the same rate as you?

The more you earn, the more you pay: this is the principle of income tax, which is based on a progressive scale. You, and all French households, are divided into the 5 brackets of the progressive scale, with rates ranging from 0% to 45%… Did you know, for example, that 50.2% of households are in the 11% bracket, but that only 44.7% of households pay income tax? Do you find it strange? We explain everything to you here.

Should I make you a Wero?

Today’s news: Wero, it’s coming soon!

Should I make you a Wero? If the expression has not yet entered the daily lives of the French, it should not be too long before it is done. As a reminder, Wero is a European payment solution created by EPI [pour European Payments Initiative, NDLR] which will ultimately replace the Paylib solution already known to French users. Martina Weimert, general director of EPI, revealed the date on which the solution would be deployed in France. Our article to find out more.

The figure of the day: more and more millionaire bankers

Bankers who are more and more often millionaires? After a previous record year in 2022, the trend continued in 2023. Thus, within the BNP Paribas group, 376 bankers are remunerated in excess of one million euros annually. The figure is lower at Socit Générale, where 147 financiers exceed the million-euro remuneration mark (compared to 144 in 2022). But this is nothing compared to other European banks. Indeed, it is in this bank that we find the most bankers with over a million euros.

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