Tayc’s very unexpected declaration to Fauve Hautot


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Dance partners for three months, Tayc and Fauve Hautot took advantage of the last bonus to declare their love.

“I’ve been wanting to say this for three months.” During the last show of this tenth season of Dance with the stars, candidates and dancers were sentimental. On November 26, during the final of the show, the couples of Tayc and Fauve Hautot and Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac took the first step and found themselves facing each other to win the coveted prize. . The two couples therefore performed three dances during the evening. Before performing their latest choreography, Fauve Hautot and Tayc revealed their feelings.

“Both of you, is there something you want to say to each other?” asked the presenter of the show, Camille Combal. And it was Tayc who spoke first: “I love you”, he simply expressed. A statement that quickly made the public react and the main interested party who seemed touched. Right after taking her in his arms, only the singer heard his partner’s response. In the images of their rehearsals, the singer had already expressed his feelings, “I love you, here I said it, I’ve been wanting to say it for three months, Fauve Hautot, I love you”, he said in an interview. An unexpected statement, even if the couple has continued to show their complicity over the shows.

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A bond that sparked

“We know they are both very close”, explained Camille Combal. From the start, Fauve Hautot and Tayc seem to be on the same wavelength. Favorite dancer of the singer, who hoped to have her as a partner, Fauve took Tayc to the final, without ever having to go to the terrible test of “Face to face”. In the show’s “After”, the partners also returned to their relationship, which was not easy. “She’s like me, we really have the same temperament”, Tayc began, but it is precisely this similarity that has sometimes been problematic. The character referred to by the singer is “A temperament of fire, of direction”, he explained, “We are both very stubborn”. Two natures who could have made sparks, “Internally, there were really a lot of headaches, movements that she wanted to do at all costs, that I perhaps didn’t want to do, a vision that she had that I didn’t have”, confessed the singer. “I wanted to say my word all the time”, he admitted, a confession completed by the dancer: “But in the end, I had the last word.” Small disagreements which did not prevent the two winners from forming a unique relationship and producing memorable performances such as their contemporary dance on “Formidable” by Stromae.

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