Taylor Swift: Country singer speaks openly about eating disorders for the first time

Country star Taylor Swift (30, "Shake It Off") is finally satisfied with her figure: she has got used to coping with size 34 instead of 30, says the singer according to "Sky News" in the film "Miss Americana". The documentary about the rise of the pop star starts on January 31 on Netflix. In it, Swift speaks unusually openly about her eating disorders.

Above all, a headline with which she was wrongly assumed to be pregnant drove her to starve. At 18, she was on a magazine cover for the first time. "The headline read something like 'Pregnant at 18?' Just because I was wearing something that didn't make my stomach look flat. It felt like a punishment. " According to her, she rated her character's ratings as "punishment" or "reward". Certain pictures were also the trigger for her to "starve a little – or simply stop eating".

Almost fainting at the end of the concerts

Using photos, the film illustrates Swift's drastic weight loss from 2014 to 2018. "I thought it had to feel like you almost passed out at the end of the show," Swift says in the film. In the meantime, however, she had realized: "If you eat, you have energy, you become stronger. You can go through all the concerts without feeling exhausted."

Where did the change of mind come from? British TV actress Jameela Jamil (33) has become her role model. Jamil has publicly denounced the overwhelming beauty standards in the entertainment industry. British "Vogue" honored her in 2019 as one of 15 women who change the world.