Taylor Swift: Earth shakes during her show in Zurich

Taylor Swift
During their show in Zurich the earth shakes

Taylor Swift caused the earth to shake in Switzerland.

© Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/ImageCollect

Taylor Swift gave a concert in Zurich and caused a great stir. Nearby seismometers were able to measure vibrations.

US pop star Taylor Swift (34) is currently honoring her European fans. On Tuesday evening (July 9), the singer performed in front of around 50,000 people at Zurich’s Letzigrund Stadium, causing numerous fans to jump and dance. This was also noticeable in the ground. The Swiss Seismological Service describes the show in a statement as an event “with a seismic footprint”.

“When many people move rhythmically at the same time, this energy is transferred into the ground as a harmonic vibration and can be measured by nearby seismometers,” it is explained. The tremors triggered by the concertgoers were measured at eight stations of the seismic network up to a distance of six kilometers around the Letzigrund Stadium. After that, they are lost “in the rest of the background noise.”

Stands amplify ground movements

According to the seismological service, other large concerts and football matches have also left their mark on the seismic data in the past. How clearly these can be read depends on various factors, such as the proximity to a seismometer or the type of ground. The ground movements are amplified “when a building such as the stands is stimulated in its resonance frequency by people,” the statement says. Whether Taylor Swift was more or less enthusiastic than other bands or football matches cannot be determined from the data.

“The Eras Tour” by Taylor Swift is a “journey through the musical phases” of her career and includes songs from all of the successful musician’s studio albums. Swift is also coming to Germany with her show. She will perform at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen on July 17, 18 and 19. This will be followed by two performances on July 23 and 24 in Hamburg (Volksparkstadion). She will then be seen at the Munich Olympic Stadium on July 27 and 28.


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