Taylor Swift: Her boyfriend Travis Kelce freaks out at the Super Bowl

The entertainment news in the GALA ticker: Travis Kelce freaks out at the Super Bowl +++ Alexander Klaws dedicates touching words to Dieter Bohlen.

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February 11, 2024

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce goes crazy at the Super Bowl

On the night of Monday, February 12th, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will face an exciting duel. Taylor Swift, 34, made it to Las Vegas from her Tokyo concert in time to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, 34. However, he made a serious misstep at the start of the game.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid decided not to use the tight end on one play. Travis Kelce immediately expresses what he thinks of his forced break: He runs towards the coach, shouting, and grabs his arm so violently that Reid loses his balance. His teammate, running back Jerick McKinnon, 31, finally pulls Kelce aside.

February 9, 2024

Dieter Bohlen receives touching congratulations from Alexander Klaws

When a Dieter Bohlen celebrates his 70th birthday, everyone comes – and above all, of course, his DSDS winners! Alexander Klaws, 40, was among those at the big party to mark the pop titan’s anniversary. Both men were on stage together at Dieter’s exclusive birthday concert. And in addition to a big hug, Klaws also dedicated touching words to the birthday child on Instagram. “It’s been 21 years since the first DSDS season. 21 years ago, Dieter and I made music history and set records that are still unmatched to this day,” Klaws reflects on the shared history with Dieter Bohlen.

Alexander Klaws has a lot to thank Bohlen for – and he makes that clear in his birthday letter for the DSDS juror. “You only learn from the best, and who could have given me better advice at the age of 19 than the legend himself, Dieter Bohlen [sic].” Klaws concludes with the words: “It all started with us, and I’m far from over – thank you for the fantastic evening yesterday, my big boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [sic]”.

February 8, 2024

Oliver Pocher: Serious words about the current situation with Amira

Oliver Pocher, 45, will appear at the Vienna Opera Ball accompanied by his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, 40, but his thoughts still revolve around another (also ex-partner): Amira Pocher, 31. In an interview with RTL, the comedian appears very calm, but he also appears “calm” and “almost withdrawn,” as the reporter on site notes – and that doesn’t sound at all like the Oliver Pocher that his fans actually value so much!

Perhaps the media hype of the last few months became too much for even the otherwise hardened Pocher. When asked about the situation with Amira, he explains matter-of-factly: “In a few months the issue will be settled.” He is sure that the headlines will eventually die down and disappear from the collective memory of readers. For Pocher, his family is now the focus: “In the end, we all have to find each other as a family – Sandy, Amira, me, the children – and we will manage that somehow,” he asserts.

February 7, 2024

Has Cora Schumacher given up? She sends clear words to Ralf and David

Even before she moved into the jungle camp, Cora Schumacher, 47, wanted nothing more than a reconciliation with her son David, 22. Contact between mother and son had broken off in the past few months. But when she arrives at Frankfurt Airport, Cora no longer shows any signs of the longing of the last few weeks – quite the opposite. She herself has “no idea” how her family reacted to her participation in the jungle. “I didn’t follow it anymore,” explains Ralf Schumacher’s ex-wife, 48, succinctly in an RTL interview.

Resignation seems to have crept in for the ex-jungle camper when it comes to contact with her son and ex-husband. “But it’s no longer my job site,” explains Cora, pointing out that David would have her cell phone number. “I think I’ve gotten enough bloody noses now and I’m always there for him if he wants to talk to me.”

Hanna Zetterberg: This is what the “Ronja Robber’s Daughter” star is doing today

This year, the film adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s, †94, classic “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter” is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The Swede Hanna Zetterberg, 50, played the main role at the time. Despite her great success, she turned her back on acting. Fame was tiring and stole the lightheartedness of her teenage years, she complained on the show “Vad hände sen?” (English: “And what happened then?”).

She then ventured into politics. “Many years of experience, including as a member of Parliament (1994-1998), and almost two decades of work on strategies and constructive communication for sustainable development. Focus: Building bridges between research, politics, business, social actors and citizens on questions of sustainability and democracy “, says her profile description on the LinkedIn platform. Today Hanna Zetterberg lives with her two children just outside Stockholm and is still politically active. She advises the government on environmental and sustainability issues. The former actress has also changed visually. Her dark mane from the classic film is gray and curly. A blessing for Hanna. “Getting older was an advantage. Up until a few years ago, everyone recognized me, but then I became gray-haired. In fact, it was a liberation in many ways,” she explains in the documentary.

February 6, 2024

Final spurt! Erol Sander’s girlfriend shows off her baby bump

In just a few weeks the time has come: Erol Sander, 55, and his girlfriend Rebecca Oehlmann will become parents together for the first time. The makeup artist, who is also the actor’s manager, posted a beautiful black and white photo of her XXL ball on Instagram.

Oehlmann looks excitedly down at her round stomach; she will soon get to know her “little miracle”. Dressed only in pants and a black bra, she captures her pregnancy for eternity. It’s also a moment of pause amidst the stress of moving. Because Erol Sander and his Rebecca have just moved in together.

In October 2023, Sander and the makeup artist confirmed to GALA that they were expecting offspring. At this point, they had been dating for eight months. “It’s true, I’m going to be a father again. We’re overjoyed and looking forward to our daughter,” manager Rebecca said – and continued: “Our patchwork family is growing.”

“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin: Her baby is coming next month

Valentin and Renata Lusin, both 36, will soon be able to hold their baby in their arms. The anticipation of the addition to the family is increasing among the two “Let’s Dance” professionals, after all, their little daughter is due to see the light of day in just a few weeks. The pregnant woman gives her followers an update on Instagram and reveals: “Next month it’s time! We’re on the home stretch, amazing! I’m in tears when I write this caption.” She tried to enjoy the pregnancy and the fears actually became less week by week. However, she didn’t want to start setting up the children’s room and buying baby things too early in order to protect herself.

Renata and Valentin have had to cope with three miscarriages in the past. She continues to explain that she always tried to be positive and enjoy the time. “Now it’s really the final stretch, it’s hard to believe, and I really hope that the delivery goes as well as the pregnancy up to this point,” says the 36-year-old. The couple wants to keep the exact date of delivery to themselves, but the dancer does reveal one detail: “It was supposed to be a March girl.”

February 5, 2024

This is what Lucy Diakovska says about her relationship status

On February 4, 2024, “No Angels” singer Lucy Diakovska, 47, was crowned jungle queen, and just a few hours later she answered questions from press representatives. Of particular interest is one fact that Lucy herself didn’t want to reveal much about in the jungle camp: Is the singer currently in a relationship or single?

Diakovska still doesn’t seem to want to answer this question clearly. At the press conference she laughs: “I’m in a situation.” Nevertheless, the jungle queen lets herself get a little more out of it: “It’s not a relationship, but I’m not single either. But I’m very happy,” Lucy reveals. And goes on to reveal: “I received the most beautiful letter from this person that anyone could ever wish for. This letter gave me so much strength and faith.” And with success across the board – after all, Lucy can now not only call herself a singer, but also a jungle queen.

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