Taylor Swift: Music star is now on TikTok

Taylor Swift
Music star is now also on TikTok

Taylor Swift, here in 2019, now has a TikTok account.

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Pop princess Taylor Swift is now on TikTok too. Her first post went straight through the roof.

Taylor Swift (31) can now also find fans on TikTok. On Monday, the US singer posted her first clip on the hip social media platform, which is all about short videos. Within the first two hours reached the clip more than 1.1 million views. Swift had over 340,000 followers in the same time.

It’s not a comparison yet to their Instagram numbers, but that should change quickly. Swift currently has around 174 million followers there, and each post is usually viewed several million times. “There’s a lot going on at the moment,” writes the singer about her first TikTok.

“Let the games begin”

“Oh, and I’m on TikTok now. Let the games begin,” continued Swift. She is also promoting her upcoming record “Red (Taylor’s Version)”. This is a new recording of their fourth studio album “Red”, which comprises 30 tracks, can already be pre-ordered and should be delivered from November 19th.

In addition to many other users, more and more celebrities have recently discovered TikTok for themselves – including “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone (44) and music icon Cher (75) who have been in several weeks so far but only one clip published.