Tchia introduces herself in more detail in a new video

Unveiled in September 2021, Chia gives news while the title is supposed to be released in the coming weeks. Indeed the game developed by the Awaceb studio and published by Kepler Interactive should be available on PC, PlayStation and PlayStation 5 in the spring of 2023.

Tchia is a sandbox game that takes us to a small paradise island, inspired by the developers’ childhood in New Caledonia. We follow the journey of a young heroine, named Tchia in her exploration of the island. Throughout her adventure, she will meet many local personalities and will be led to explore all of her environment, including the depths of the ocean. But all this will not be easy for the young girl. Because the island, as paradisiacal as it seems, is invaded by strange fabric soldiers called the Maano. Creatures that happen to be at the service of Meavora, a horrible tyrant who wants to take control of the archipelago. Tchia will therefore have to face these newcomers, especially since they are holding back her father.

But the young girl has not said her last word, and she will use a very precious gift she has to save her father and her island. Indeed, Tchia has the incredible power to take control of all the animals or objects she comes across. So she can use their skills as needed to travel. And we can say that there will be plenty to do since the game offers more than 30 playable animals as well as hundreds of objects.

Tchia Gameplay

Characteristics of Tchia

EditorKepler Interactive
French release dateSpring 2023
GenderAction, Adventure, Sandbox, Indie
WebsiteOfficial site
Platformscomputer | PS4 | PS5
Languages ‚Äč‚ÄčavailableEnglish | French
Starting priceUnknown

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