Tea kombucha recipe – Everything you need to know about kambucha

Kombucha, this tea or even coffee-based drink, is talked about a lot because it is full of bacteria and yeasts, probiotics that would have a beneficial effect on the health of your intestinal flora. It is sometimes found commercially in a form most often pasteurized. So for its effects to be optimized, make your kombucha yourself. We tell you all about kombucha and explain how to prepare it.

How is kombucha formed?

Kombucha means tea seaweed in Russian.
The derivative drink comes to us from Mongolia, where we taste a tangy and sweet tea of ​​the same name.
Kombucha, at the base, is prepared a bit like vinegar: you need a "mother" made from kombu algae, that is to say a layer of somewhat gelatinous material which contains millions of bacteria (like micro fungi), which we will immerse in a jar of sweet tea.
It is left to ferment, culturing protected from dust but not air, and a new mother like a lid is formed.
Underneath, the tea is transformed into a living drink (don't be afraid, your cheese is also alive!) Slightly carbonated, effervescent: your kombucha.

The recipe for your first homemade kombucha

– 1 liter of quality green or black tea (preferably loose)
– 80 g of brown sugar
– a strain of kombucha (in an organic store or via a person who shares theirs)
– 2 tbsp of very light cider vinegar or 5 cl of unpasteurized kombucha drink

The realization of the recipe
1. Prepare a steeped tea for 5 minutes and sweeten until the sugar is well melted.
Once the tea is ready and sweetened, strain it and let cool.
2. In a glass or stoneware jar, place the kombucha disc in the sweet tea, with the clear side facing the air.
3. Cover with muslin (which protects against dust but lets the drink breathe), elasticize to maintain it, and leave to ferment for about ten days, protected from light.
The fermentation time depends on the ambient temperature (the colder it is, the longer the fermentation time).
4. Once all the sugar has been processed, a new disc forms on the surface of the preparation.
5. Remove this disc to reserve for the next preparation.
6. Filter the amber liquid (more or less dark depending on the tea used) through a small nylon tea strainer or fine gauze, and put in a very clean glass bottle, closed with a lemonade-type cap, or in a decanter with a folded cloth tied around the neck.

You can flavor the kombucha obtained: citrus, star anise, pomegranate …

Good to know : Do not use a metal container or utensil, as this will spoil your preparation, and will oxidize it. Also, your first kombucha may have a very light vinegar flavor. If this bothers you, do not throw it away, it will serve you for the second preparation that you will prepare without vinegar this time, and which will be sweeter.
You will keep your finished kombucha cool by keeping the bottle upright.
You can also make kombucha with coffee.

The benefits of kombucha

Kombucha contains lactobacilli, enzymes and yeasts, which, when combined, are real nutritional benefits for the intestine.
Followers of kombucha recognize it, in addition to digestive virtues thanks to a beneficial effect on the microbiota, an action on the immune system.
In addition, kombucha contains gluconic acid, which acts on the functioning of the liver, and makes it a good detox drink (unless you want to consume drinks without sugar).
Finally, kombucha has anti-oxidant and even energizing properties (thanks to theine).

Where to buy a strain of kombucha?

> Kombucha, complete starter kit on the organic products website Greenweez : 15.64 €
> Disc of live culture of kombucha (scoby) from Kefiralia on amazon, € 22.99
> About Etsy, individuals also sell strains, such as ForetRougeXhoui (France) in a sealed package, € 7.80

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