Tea preparation: Can you boil water from the day before?

Tea preparation
Can you boil water from the previous day again?

A kettle in the kitchen saves a lot of time and work – but also water?


Everyone of us has probably done that before: In the morning, when the first coffee or tea is brewed, we simply switch on the kettle, which is still full from the day before. But is that also healthy?

A hot cup of tea is a real treat, especially in the cold autumn and winter months. And if you have a kettle, you don’t need a lot of time for it. But what if there is water left in the stove at the end of the day? Can it be used again the next day or should it be thrown away?

“Recycle” water in the kettle: good idea or unhealthy?

Most operating instructions for kettles give a clear answer to this question. You can find out what that is and what is behind the recommendation in the video.

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