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Primary school teacher and music producer Sandro Dietrich is pursuing a heart project with the “Singbirds”.

As an up-and-coming music producer, Sandro Dietrich has already provided songs for the Pegasus and Loco Escrito albums. In 2019, together with Lou Zarra, he won the Swiss Music Award in the category “Best Hit National” for the composition and co-production of Loco Escrito’s “Adios”.

The music that has accompanied him since childhood is also very important in his job as a primary school teacher. For several years he has put his heart and soul into the “Singingbirds” – a children’s music project in which Sandro passes on his passion for music to primary school children.

Child-friendly pop songs

The sounds for the project are created in his studio in Chur. The idea for this came to the Graubünden native while he was working:

When I taught music at school, the children didn’t want to sing the usual children’s songs, but always pop songs – preferably the ones that were on the radio

So he quickly started a project with pop songs suitable for children. They are well received by the young singers.

The choreos that the “singing birds” show at their performances are also the result of creative collaboration between the school children and their mentor. The children are given an insight into the musical development process – from the first note to the finished album and the presentation on stage. The “Singbirds” released their first album “Alltagsgschichta” at the beginning of 2021. Her second album “Üsi Welt” has been on the market for two weeks now.

The curse of casting shows

As a coach and producer, Sandro Dietrich works more in the background. He leaves the limelight to others. From his own experience, he knows only too well what it’s like to perform in front of an audience as a singer. At the age of 18, the native of Graubünden from Domat/Ems took part in the third season of the Swiss talent show “Music Star” and achieved seventh place. That label stuck – longer than he would have liked. “Among musicians, you’re the one who once took part in a talent show,” says the 34-year-old. Even when he started producing music, this reputation persisted. There were even people who weren’t sure if they wanted to work with him. “It wasn’t that easy,” Dietrich remembers.

In the meantime, by working with national music greats, he has proven to himself and others that his past in casting shows in no way diminishes his skills. “The Swiss Music Award is a confirmation of what you really do and for what you live and for what you get up in the morning,” says the producer.

No less fulfilling for Sandro Dietrich is the project «Singing Birds – Children’s Songs with a Kick». Because working with young talents is an affair of the heart for him. “You look at the audience and see the joy. That’s actually what gives me a certain fulfillment and shows that I’m on the right track.”

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