Team doctor describes the drama: Eriksen had to be “brought back” to life

Team doctor portrays drama
Eriksen had to be “brought back” to life

In the middle of the game, Denmark’s offensive player Christian Eriksen collapses and has to be reanimated. The game is interrupted and continued almost two hours later. After the end of the game, the team doctor describes the dramatic moments.

Denmark’s team doctor Martin Boesen has vividly described the dramatic struggle for Christian Eriksen’s life. “He was lying on his side, breathing and also had his pulse. But suddenly that changed and we started to massage the heart,” said Boesen after the match in the European Football Championship against Finland (0-1) on Saturday evening: “We did managed to get him back. “

The 29-year-old Eriksen collapsed shortly before half-time, the doctors saved his life. The star player from Inter Milan is now in stable condition in a hospital in Copenhagen. “I didn’t see the scene myself,” said Boesen, “but he was obviously passed out.” The help was “very quick and coordinated” – and therefore life-saving.

Captain wants to be changed

Meanwhile, the Danish Football Association has promised Eriksen’s teammates psychological help. “It’s a traumatic experience,” said national coach Kasper Hjulmand late on Saturday evening. “We’ll spend the next few days working on it as best we can. And of course there are professional people around us.” On its website, the association specifically offered “crisis aid to the players, Christian’s family and everyone else in the men’s national team”.

About 20 minutes after the restart (62nd minute), captain Simon Kjaer asked his coach to be replaced. Before that, the former Wolfsburg-based man led his team back to the field with tears in his eyes. “Simon was deeply affected and doubted whether he could continue. He tried, but it was not possible,” said Hjulmand later. Kjaer and Eriksen are close friends, “although they play for two rival clubs in Milan,” as their coach said.