Team Ninja Reveals Rise of the Ronin Video, an Open-World RPG Exclusive to PlayStation 5

Obviously, the Team Ninja does not seem to be unemployed this year. After working on two episodes of their flagship series nioh, and following the announcement of Wo Long last June which would at first glance be a pure action game, here they are back on the front of the stage during the State of Play to show a brand new project by the name of Rise of the Roninan open-world RPG set in late 19th century Japan. The game has been in development for 7 years, and will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

And yes, there is a paraglider

On the program of this trailer, cutscenes, a city, some excerpts of combat and exploration on horseback for a title that seems to be the most ambitious ever released by the developers. There is even a hidden paraglider in the trailer, like a nod to the last Nintendo Direct.

According to Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin is a Combat-focused open-world action RPG set in disease-ridden Japan, to civil war against oppressive rulers, as Western influence expands. A context all found to have many problems to solve.

We will obviously embody a Ronin, free of his choices, who will have to handle both the sword and firearms. The studio says it wanted to depict the darkest chapters in Japanese history, while also introducing you to a cast of characters with distinct motivations, whom you can choose to join…or challenge.

Rise of the Ronin is currently scheduled for 2024, and promises to be a PS5 exclusive.

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