Tech investor Jan Beckers: “Bitcoin can significantly outperform gold”

Jan Beckers expects great things
“Bitcoin can significantly outperform gold”

The prices of technology stocks have reached lofty heights, but Jan Beckers remains optimistic: On average, they are still around 55 percent below the highs of two years ago, the fund manager explains in an interview. He also expects large price increases for Bitcoin in the long term.

Jan Beckers is convinced: “Tech stocks are on average still around 55 percent below the highs of two years ago, but offer good entry opportunities for long-term investors,” explains the fund manager of BIT Capital Fonds in the ntv podcast “This is how Germany techs”. Fast-growing technology companies in particular could make significant gains in the coming years, says the 42-year-old: “They have increased their sales sevenfold in the last seven years, but the share price has only risen by 50 to 100 percent.”

Beckers also expects large long-term increases in value for Bitcoin. “Bitcoin is clearly still in its teens. Only a small fraction of people own it so far, and institutional investors usually have no exposure to it yet.”

Bitcoin 63,457.53

The Bitcoin halving, in which the reward for the so-called miners is halved, could be crucial for the Bitcoin price. It is a built-in inflation protection that limits the number of Bitcoins. “Historically, every halving has led to a bull market,” says Beckers. “I think that Bitcoin could reach prices between 100,000 and 250,000 US dollars in the medium term.”

Does the digital euro help?

In the long term, Beckers even believes that Bitcoin can surpass gold’s market capitalization: “If Bitcoin establishes itself as the best digital store of value, it can significantly surpass gold as a benchmark.” Currently, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is $1.4 trillion, which is about 10 percent of gold’s market capitalization.

“If you invest in crypto, you shouldn’t rush into hyped coins too much, but rather focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum and then leave it for the long term,” advises the fund manager. The digital euro, which the European Central Bank is working on, could also promote the overall acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

In the new episode of “So techt Deutschland” he explains where else he invests and which technologies Jan Beckers relies on.

Frauke Holzmeier and Andreas Laukat spoke to Jan Beckers. You can watch the entire conversation in the podcast “This is how Germany techs” listen.

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