Technology for outdoors: good gadgets for all gardening enthusiasts

What could be nicer than enjoying the summer in your own garden? Modern technology makes all the work easier.

One of the nicest aspects of summer is the time that many people spend in their own garden. Modern technology can sweeten the afternoon outdoors – regardless of whether it is for entertainment or to relieve work. Here are some of the most practical gadgets for your garden.

For relaxing and for the garden party

Every good garden party needs the right music. In the past you had to open the windows and open the system to enjoy your party hits without too much effort. Today this can be done very easily using a Bluetooth speaker that is linked to the smartphone. Without additional power supply or annoying cables, this solution offers the right soundtrack for every celebration. It also provides podcasts when hanging out in the afternoon or relaxing background music for a nap outdoors. Numerous tech companies and audio forges, including JBL, Libratone and Sony, have corresponding devices in their portfolios that are also suitable for outdoor use.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the garden but has poor WiFi reception and does not want to strain their data volume outside can extend the range of their own network using a so-called repeater. The devices amplify the WLAN signal, which should ensure reception even in the far corner of the garden. Providers of corresponding solutions are, for example, TP-Link and Wavlink.

Garden lovers who like to be outside late into the night also need the right lighting. Smart outdoor lights can usually be controlled by smartphone or voice command, adjusted in color or used by time switching. The providers in this area include the tech giant Philips and the German company Eve Systems.

Perfect steak and mowed lawn

Every barbecue party also benefits from new technologies. Not only have barbecues themselves have continued to develop, auxiliary devices also ensure that the meat on the grill turns out just as you want it to. The US company Weber offers a smart thermometer with which up to four pieces of meat can be monitored at the same time. The big advantage: the host does not have to spend the whole time in front of the grill, but can also check the temperature via smartphone.

A well-kept lawn, meanwhile, requires a lot less effort than you might think. For some time now, robotic lawn mowers, among others from Gardena or Bosch, have become increasingly popular. The devices, which independently ensure that the grass does not grow too high, work on the same principle as, for example, robotic vacuum cleaners, which take care of dirt and dust in the apartment by themselves.

Garden fans don't necessarily have to worry about watering the lawn and flowers themselves. Eve Systems and Gardena, among others, offer smart irrigation controls that can be controlled via an app, among other things. With most of the solutions, schedules can also be used to water the paradise at home fully automatically.