Technology will pass this new expected milestone according to the boss of Nvidia

Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s top CEO, says artificial intelligence will soon be able to compete with humans on most exams.

Jensen Huang presents the GeForce RTX 4090 // Source: Nvidia

A brand still little-known recently in the world of finance, Nvidia has become the face of the artificial intelligence boom on the stock market in recent months. The company is now number 3 in the world in capitalization, just behind Apple and Microsoft. So when Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, speaks about the future of AI, we inevitably pay some attention. While keeping in mind that investment in AI now directly benefits it.

A general AI capable of responding to everything

According to Jensen Huang, comments reported by Zdnet Korea and relayed by Zdnet France, artificial intelligence could in just a few years become capable of competing with the human mind. More precisely, a generative AI like the one that powers ChatGPT could in the future answer most of the higher education exams that we know today. The tool would therefore be as intelligent as a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. It is in particular the medical field which would still pose difficulties. In five years, however, things could change.

Here we are again talking about theoretical knowledge and an ability to respond with encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. The most interesting thing will be to determine if in the future, AI will be capable of thinking to develop its area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. For example, can we one day imagine a generative AI capable of giving rise to a new theory. At the moment, this still seems to be in the realm of imagination.

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