Ted Herold: Rock ‘n’ Roll singer dies in an apartment fire in Dortmund

Ted Herold
Rock ‘n’ roll singer dies in an apartment fire in Dortmund

Musician Ted Herold was 79 years old.

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German rock ‘n’ roll singer Ted Herold and his wife died in an apartment fire.

The “German Elvis” Ted Herold (1942-2021) and his wife Manuela died in an apartment fire in Dortmund. Herolds ex-manager Günter Sampt and Ted Herolds producer Bernd Dietrich confirmed “t-online” the news of the tragic death of the singer. A spokesman for the Dortmund public prosecutor also confirmed this the “Tagesspiegel” in a statement. The police had published details of the apartment fire in a press release, but did not give the names of the victims.

According to the announcement, a fire broke out on Saturday evening (November 20) around 6:15 p.m. in a two-family house in Dortmund’s Ostkirchstrasse. The alarmed fire brigade began immediately with the extinguishing work. Two residents aged 79 and 48 were killed in the fire, and two other people (79, 85) were hospitalized with suspected smoke gas intoxication.

The Dortmund criminal police took over the scene of the fire, the investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing.

He was considered the German Elvis Presley

Ted Herold, bourgeois Harald Walter Bernhard Schubring, was enthusiastic about the rock ‘n’ roll world around US star Elvis Presley (1935-1977) from an early age. In 1958 a classmate put him in contact with a record company. He recorded two German-language cover versions of Presley hits and pursued his music career from then on.

His ballad “Moonlight” became the singer’s greatest success with over 500,000 singles sold. He also completed an apprenticeship as a radio and television technician, in which he worked from 1970. At the end of the 1990s, Herold appeared again on a regular basis. For his 60th birthday he released a new single and a “best of” album. More pieces were released until the singer left the stage in 2016.


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