Teen Girl Banged By Family For Flirting With Boy


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In Isère, a teenage girl was beaten by her family. Her relatives had discovered that she was flirting with a boy, reports Le Dauphiné on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

A family tragedy. Wednesday 20 October 2021, The Dauphine reports in an article published on their website that a teenage girl was beaten by her family. The 16-year-old was hit by relatives to her because she had a flirtation with one of her comrades, write our colleagues. Two cousins, of age, who did not want her “frequent“boys, as it is reported, then have it banged with a belt and a wooden spoon. Her aunt, meanwhile,slapped and pulled by the hair before undressing her, in order to punish her.

In an article published on Friday, October 22, 2021, Le Figaro, this time, reveals that the prosecutor’s office in Vienna has specified that the investigation was completed. The aunt and the two cousins ​​accused all three of having hit the teenager “were referred and placed under judicial supervision“, reports the newspaper on its website.

Teenage girl beaten by her family over flirtation

Waiting for the case to be tried in court on January 14, 2022, the three defendants are prohibited from approaching the teenager, who is the subject of a placement measure, as indicated by the public prosecutor Audrey Quey, always quoted by Le Figaro. She had two days of ITT (Temporary Work Incapacity) following the violence.

The 16-year-old complainant had a complicated relationship with her mother. She had been living with her aunt since the summer of 2021. On October 12, 2021, she had reported this violence during an exchange with nurses at her school. His comrades had been struck by the bruises displayed by the teenager, as always reported The Dauphine.

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