teen suspected of pushing 3-year-old sister off balcony

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This Monday, May 29, a three-year-old girl fell from the second floor of a building in Reims. His sixteen-year-old brother, the first suspect in this tragedy, was taken into custody.

A new story that is chilling, alas, that we would do well to hear.. In Reims, something serious happened this Monday, May 29, around 5 p.m. A little girl only three years old is tshade from the terrace of the family apartment, located on the second floor. This took place on the side of the inner courtyard of the building, in Marne.

The girl was quickly taken care of by the firefighters and the Samu, then was rushed to the hospital, according to information from The Union. She was thus transported in a serious condition, but would be better today. Indeed, the magistrate gave good news by stating that the little girl is “out of danger”, despite this impressive drop. Fortunately for the relatives of the accident victim, this gives hope as to the state of health of the child, whose life is saved.

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Big brother arrested for attempted murder

But the family was violently affected by this story, not only because of the fall of the little girl but also because his sixteen-year-old older brother was arrested for the attempted murder of his younger sister. Indeed, the latter quicklywas suspected of pushing her on purpose by the window.

It was he who was with the child at the time of the tragedy. Matthieu Bourrette, the Reims public prosecutor, told RMC Crime that the teenager was thus taken into custody on these suspicions. This Tuesday at the end of the afternoon, police custody was extended in the hospital. For this reason, an investigation has been opened for “attempted aggravated murder”. The goal being, of course, to understand what happened on Monday, May 29, and how this little girl fell from the terrace.


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