Teen Wolf: how is the absence of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) explained in the film?

Among the great absentees of the TV movie Teen Wolf to catch up on Paramount + is Dylan O’Brien, the interpreter of Stiles. What does it look like on the screen?

Warning this article contains (small) spoilers on Teen Wolf. If you don’t want to know anything, move on.

Thunderbolt in July 2022. While Dylan O’Brien was expected in the film Teen Wolf in preparation on the side of Paramount +, the actor who played Stiles let it be known that he was not going to make his big comeback: “It was a difficult decision to make. The series ended rather well and I prefer that it ends there“, he explained in this interview. A shame when you know that he played a rather important role in the series.

Paramount + subscribers in France were able to discover the TV movie yesterday and find Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends. He and his pack must face one of their greatest enemies, the Nogitsune, an evil guessing spirit that draws its energy from the pain of others. A villain they faced and defeated in Season 3, at the end of which Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) dies. A character who also makes a comeback in the film.

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If showrunner Jeff Davies was right to bet on the Nogitsune to come and torment the inhabitants of Beacon Hills, the absence of Stiles is all the more noticeable since his character is controlled by the Kitsune in season 3 and that he is therefore related to him in some way.

His character is obviously mentioned in the film: his sheriff father explains that his son has joined the FBI and that he is busy with a case. We won’t know more about that. We also learn that Lydia, our beloved Banshee played by Holland Roden, has decided to break up with him because of a recurring dream where she sees him die.

If Stiles is clearly missing from the film – it was he who brought a little humor and lightness to the series – the writers still wanted to pay tribute to him by showing his famous jeep, which is stored in Derek’s garage (Tyler Hoechlin). Dylan O’Brien explains in this video that he had kept the car as a souvenir and that he was kind enough to lend it for the purposes of filming.

It is Eli (Vince Mattis), Derek’s son, who ends up inheriting it at the end of the film. A way to close the loop.

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