Teenager killed by a policeman in Nanterre: “inexplicable” and “inexcusable”, believes Macron

Emmanuel Macron judged Wednesday “inexplicable” and “inexcusable” the death of a teenager, victim of a point-blank police shooting the day before in Nanterre, also supporting the police who “are committed to us protect”. “Nothing, nothing justifies the death of a young person”, affirmed the Head of State on the third day of his visit to Marseille, evoking “the emotion of the whole nation” and assuring “respect and affection” to Naël’s family, 17 years old. “We have a teenager who was killed, it’s inexplicable, inexcusable and first of all these are words of affection, shared pain and support for his family and loved ones,” Emmanuel Macron told the press. .

“We don’t need to have a conflagration”

He also recalled that the police were made up of “women and men who also come from all parts of the Republic and are committed to protecting us and serving the Republic”. “I thank them every day for that”, he added, recalling that their functions were exercised “within an ethical framework which is defined, which must be respected”. “Justice was immediately seized: I hope that it does its job with obviously speed and in the calm that this work requires, and that the truth can be done as soon as possible”, added the president, while the drama led to urban violence in the Hauts-de-Seine on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

“We need calm everywhere because we don’t need to have a conflagration, a situation that would deteriorate,” he explained. Beyond that, he wanted to continue to “move forward” to “adjust everyday matters”, citing “school”, “sport”, “security” and “urban rehabilitation”. “As summer arrives (…), we have a lot of families, a lot of young people who live in very difficult situations, these are families who do not go on vacation”, recalled the head of state. . “Obviously tempers can get hot,” he acknowledged, but “I don’t want there to be any manipulation.”

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