Tekken 8: King, Lars and Jack-8 enter the ring

We start with King, pillar of the franchise present since the very first part. So for almost 30 years now, the muscular wrestler has been roaring with pleasure without ever revealing what his jaguar mask looks like, except for a slight glimpse in the 1994 introductory cinematic. There remains the still spectacular violence with which the king of the ring inflicts strikes and holds on his crushed opponents.

Appearing much more recently in the franchise, in Tekken 6 more exactly, Lars came to complicate the Mishima saga a little since he is Heihachi’s illegitimate son, Kazuya’s half-brother and Jin’s uncle. A family detail that Lars is the only one to know and which can cause tormented dreams on occasion. Devoid of the diabolical gene that characterizes the rest of his family, he nevertheless draws a mastery of lightning attacks, in the literal sense.

At the rendezvous since the very first opus, finally, the character of Jack continues to decline with a serial number which follows that of the episodes. Last flagship of the Russian industry, here is Jack-8, a model that seems more armored than ever. Did he need a huge rail gun to intimidate his adversaries? No, but as long as there is the budget… tekken 8 will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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