Télé 7 Jours magazine launches its new formula

Louise Bernard, with Ophelie Artaud

This Monday, the magazine is launching a new formula and will devote more pages to the streaming offer, with reviews of films, documentaries and series broadcast on these platforms. A decision that shows the importance of this mode of consumption, especially since Télé 7 Jours remains one of the best-selling weeklies in France.

This Monday, the magazine Télé 7 Jours is launching its new formula. Among the changes: novelties on the visual aspect, to better delimit the different parts of the magazine, but above all more pages devoted to the streaming offer, therefore for the series, films and documentaries available on the platforms, in particular Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Disney+.

Two review pages and a release schedule

Concretely, readers will be able to find two pages of reviews of these contents whereas before, there was only one. Added to this is a calendar that lists the programs uploaded each week. Télé 7 Jours is one of the best-selling weeklies in France, across all genres. It is also the second TV magazine for readers. It is therefore not a trivial decision that he decides to give more space to the programs of the platforms. This proves once again the importance they have taken in the daily life of the French. And for this exceptional issue, Télé 7 Jours honors the singer Jenifer, who also has the most front pages in the magazine, 45 in total.

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