Telegram app allows sending bitcoin, TON and now USDT

Send crypto by messaging – Be able to send messages, photos, emojis and cryptocurrency : here is the promise of the application Telegram. Already very popular for its confidentiality, the messaging service scores points by simplifying as much as possible over-the-counter crypto transfers. Its teams have just announced a new cryptocurrency available for this service and it is the third largest on the market, theUSDT. By allowing the use of a stablecoinTelegram participates in the democratization of technology and takes a step closer to cryptocurrency.

The Telegram network closer to crypto

Founded by two tech-savvy brothers, the messaging app has cultivated its originality from the competition from the start. In effect, Nikolai and Pavel Durov are political opponents of Vladimir Putin, and the idea was to offer a service that would allow communication without risking espionage. That’s why Telegram is in turn accused of serving the interests of terrorists or drug dealers, but also of allowing French politicians to have private conversations.

As early as 2018, the founders of Telegram also wanted to develop a blockchain service to exchange crypto and called it Telegram Open Network (YOUR). Finally, after setbacks with the DRY, the project falls through. However, the TON Foundation was born at that time, and it will continue to develop products based on the same principles. This is how the Wallet Bot of Telegram first made it possible to send toncoinsthen bitcoins and nowUSDT.

Telegram now allows you to send cryptocurrency to your contacts

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Bitcoin (BTC), Toncoin (TON) and now USDT

By the way, TON means now OpenNetwork. In addition, it should be noted that it was not directly developers at Telegram who took care of the wallet, but those of the TON Foundation.

But back to USDT, specificallyUSDT-TRON (TRC20), which is the house version of the world’s most popular stablecoin. The idea of ​​sending and receiving USDT as simply as a message was immediately welcomed by the crypto community who see it as a real improvement in funds transfer processes.

USDT represents almost 50 billion traded dailyaccording to CoinMarketCap, and it will allow Telegram to come hunting in the lands of Twitter, or even Stripe, which also forges privileged partnerships with cryptocurrency. The war of micro-payments and simplified transfers begins, and Telegram scores points.

But these mobile applications also come into competition directly with the traditional banks who seek, for their part, to take market share in this booming sector. Central bank digital currencies (MNBC) And stablecoins of all kinds invade the offices of banks around the world, with the promise of shortening and simplifying the good old system SWIFT. This is notably the project of the bank Xapo from Gibraltar who comes fromintegrating the USDC into its operation.

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