Telegram gets backing: why a messenger ban would be fatal

Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. (Image source: GIGA)

The Telegram messenger is currently a major focus, as people from different scenes can spread content there with impunity that violates applicable law, but the violations are not punished. That is why the Federal Minister of the Interior has called for a ban. According to journalists and civil rights activists, this would have fatal consequences.

Telegram gets support

Not everything is going right at Telegram – many agree on that. A However, banning the messenger would not solve the core problem and make communication difficult for journalists and civil rights activists. Especially in crisis situations, the Telegram messenger is often used to communicate with people who otherwise cannot speak freely:

In this case, two worlds collide. In a democracy like Germany, the system is weakened by Telegram. Totalitarian regimes are very different. There is Telegram is often the only way to communicate freely.

Instead, experts demand that security authorities hire more employees who can be used for searches on the Internet and messengers such as Telegram. There, hatred is often lived out openly and with real names – without consequences, since the cases are not prosecuted. As a last resort, removing Telegram from the Google and Apple app stores would be conceivable. Apple does not comment on this and Google only refers to the previous procedure if apps violate guidelines or official deletion requests. In this case, the requests are checked individually (source: heise).

Telegram is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives:

Telegram problems will be with us for a long time

Telegram has so far held back. The company has the technical capabilities to filter illegal content. This has already been proven with pornographic and Islamist-terrorist content. That’s why the topic will probably stay with us for a while. There doesn’t seem to be a simple solution here that would satisfy all sides.

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