Telekom is pulling the plug: Many customers are now receiving a letter of termination

A termination is currently fluttering into the mailbox of numerous Telekom customers. The mobile operator has retired two tariffs. Read here what you have to do now.

Magenta Eins Plus was supposed to be a paradigm shift at Telekom: One bill for everything. For a flat rate of 80 euros, customers could book a real flat rate for their landline network and Internet, but the tariff also included a mobile phone voice and data flat rate. In addition to the obligatory EU roaming, 1 GB of data volume for many exotic countries was also included. And all this without a long minimum contract period. The precursor and trial tariff Magenta Eins Beta was even cheaper. Here you could – if you were quick enough – book a landline, internet and mobile phone flat rate for an unbeatable 20 euros a month.

But about a year ago, Magenta Eins Plus disappeared from the scene for new customers. Magenta Eins Unlimited came instead. At first glance, a similar offer, but with a contract period of two years, a little more expensive and again with two separate bills for landline and mobile communications. And also a bit more expensive than Magenta One Plus.

Now it’s up to the customers who were early on with Magenta Eins Beta and Magenta Eins Plus. Or rather: the connections and the tariffs. Because, as has been heard from insider circles in the past, these are operated on their own platform – and they now apparently want to switch them off. That’s why the customers have to cancel, as the colleagues from teltarif and Caschy’s blog report.

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Telekom is terminating contracts: Affected customers must now take note of this

Many Telekom customers are currently receiving termination letters from the provider.
Many Telekom customers are currently receiving termination letters from the provider.

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Telekom already sent out the first layoffs in the summer of last year – now the next wave is apparently following. “We will switch off your connections and services on April 5, 2022,” says the Telekom letter that is available to colleagues.

Anyone who receives the letter should contact Telekom within ten days so that they are not actually switched off. This is the only way to “ensure a smooth transition to a new product”. Since the terminated tariffs have a minimum contract term of one month and a right of termination not only extends to the customer but also to the provider, the terminations are legally impeccable.

The simplest alternative is to switch to Magenta Eins Unlimited. Here all services remain with Telekom, but the basic costs increase slightly depending on requirements.

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