Telekom’s hit at klarmobil is now even better: all-net flat rate with 12 GB of data volume for 8 euros


Telekom’s network is widely regarded as the ultimate, but the tariffs are generally correspondingly expensive. Klarmobil now offers the exception to the rule: 12 GB of data volume for 8 euros per month.

Klarmobil: 12 GB in the Telekom network for 8 euros (source: Vitrado)

In the week before Pentecost, klarmobil surprises with a SIM-only deal in the Telekom network. The all-net flat rate with 12 GB of data volume is usually charged at 19.99 euros per month, but as a special offer you can now get it for 7.99 euros.

SIMon mobile with Vodafone experiment: 112 GB for 9 euros
Improved again

With SIMon mobile you now get a generous 100 GB data buffer with every tariff. Because you can use this immediately at the start of the contract, this is definitely a daring experiment.

Although the surfing speed of 25 Mbit/s does not correspond to the maximum possible bandwidth in Telekom’s LTE network, the speed and network are fast enough for all conceivable mobile applications, including video streaming.

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Otherwise, the tariff has everything a mobile phone contract needs to have for the average user with a premium claim.

Above all, a data volume of 12 gigabytes. This should even provide a buffer for the vast majority of mobile phone users; in 2022, the average consumption was just under 7 GB. SMS are included, an eSIM is possible, calls via WLAN and Voice over LTE are also possible with this mobile phone contract, EU roaming is included.

Update May 16th: Klarmobil is removing the connection price of 19.99 euros and undercutting the next best provider by 20 percent.

Telecom SIM card
  • 25 Mbps speed

  • Allnet flat telephony, SMS and EU roaming

  • VoLTE & WLAN Call

  • eSIM possible

  • Flexible contract start date no later than June 30, 2024

  • No connection fee

With the provider High-Mobile, which specializes in telecom deals, you can expect to pay ten euros per month for a comparable flat rate. There is no connection price to consider for both deals.

Deal tip:

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We do not know how long the tariff will be offered under these conditions. We will update this article as soon as further information is available.

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