“Télématin”: Laura Tenoudji receives an SMS from her husband Christian Estrosi (too cute!): Current Woman Le MAG

After two months of absence, Telematin is back on the air. Since May 25, 2020, Laurent Bignolas and his team have been able to find their way back to the film sets. Good news for fans of the France 2 morning show, but perhaps a little less for some columnists. In fact, for the past few months, there has been a behind-the-scenes crisis in Telematin. After serial starts, Laurent Bignolas was singled out and accused of “bullying ” by several of his collaborators. Just two days before the program resumed, a columnist made new revelations about his behavior. Anyway, Laura Tenoudji seems delighted to return to work on the team. It must be said that she drooled during confinement! Tested positive for coronavirus, the journalist was afraid for her health and that of her husband, Christian Estrosi, also infected. Cured after having followed Didier Raoult's experimental treatment, she had also challenged her detractors to extol the merits of chloroquine.

“My husband remains my first fan”

As usual, Laura Tenoudji was all smiles this Thursday June 11 in Telematin. The columnist seemed particularly involved in her report on photographer Greg Lecœur, a fervent defender of the oceans. And her performance on screen was praised by her most loyal admirer: her husband, Christian Estrosi. Her little Bianca's father sent her an adorable sms after his appearance on the show. It was in her Instagram story that Laura Tenoudji decided to share this touching mark of affection. “It was really goodChristian Estrosi wrote to him, accompanying his message with a heart-shaped emoji and a screenshot of the radiant journalist in her sweet pink blouse. “When my husband remains my first fan, she added. One more proof of their beautiful love story!

For her part, Laura Tenoudji also supports her husband in his work. She also appeared radiant in her last appearance with Christian Estrosi before the second round of municipal elections, which will take place on June 28. The mayor of Nice, candidate for his re-election, unfortunately can no longer be supported by his wife in public. As she said in Instagram story on May 31, the columnist “no longer has the right ” to show support for her husband. But not enough to destabilize Christian Estrosi, who had positioned himself at the head of the first round with 47% of the votes.

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