telephones and bank accounts, the elements that worry their loved ones

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Since the unexplained disappearance of Leslie and Kévin, on November 26, the relatives of the young couple have been trying to clear up the mystery. Certain elements, in particular, worry them.

On this Christmas day, when everyone would like to be with their loved ones, there is no doubt that Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat are at the heart of the thoughts of those close to them. The search continues, in the hope of finding this uneventful young couple. Aged 22 and 21, both are missing since the morning of November 26 last, after spending an evening with friends in the town of Prahecq, near Niort. (Two Sevres).

It was around 3 a.m. that their trace was lost that night. As for their dog, who responds to the name Onyx, he too has disappeared. Since then, the entourage of the two young people has been mobilizing to try to understand what happened. But many elements, particularly concerning their phones or bank accountsgreatly worry relatives, as reported The Midi DispatchSaturday, December 24.

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Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: the unbearable wait

For those close to Leslie and Kevin, this wait is unbearable. For almost a month now, they have been hoping to understand the reasons for this disappearance, in particular thanks to calls for witnesses. An investigation has been opened for “disturbing disappearances” by the parquet floor of Niort, details the daily. Investigations are carried out by the gendarmes of the research section of Poitiers. In addition, resources have been deployed, in particular with military and specialized diversto try to find the trace of the young couple.

Since this double disappearance, the vehicle of the young woman – which she uses in the context of her building painting projects – has been discovered in front of a house where both were to spend the night, at the end of the evening of November 25. As well, his companion’s converted truck was found in another town in the department, continues The Midi Dispatch. Other elements have been discovered in recent days. For example, belongings belonging to the disappeared were found on 8 December in a clothes collection bin. Kévin’s wallet and his road safety certificate were found, but also shoes belonging to his girlfriend, his make-up bag and two jackets.

Elements that are all the more disturbing as they come on top of others. Thus, the relatives of Leslie assure that his mobile phone has bounded for the last time November 26, indicate our colleagues. As for his Bank accounts, they would have stopped registering the slightest movement. His partner’s phone would, for his part, ceased broadcasting on November 29. So much information which, collected little by little, thickens the mystery…

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