Temporis 2 Retro is already breaking records

Awaited by many players, and recently unveiled, the next iteration of the temporary servers of DOFUS is already emerging as a success. Whether Love, Glory and Fight conquered many players, Temporis 2 Retro breaks new records. In less than 24 hours, pre-registrations greatly exceeded those of the previous edition. And even the latest edition on 2.0, Osatopia.

As always, it is to Logan, producer and game designer on this Temporis 2 Retro, that we owe this information. Of course, the number of pre-registrations in no way proves the success or otherwise of this edition. However, it helps to understand that a huge audience is waiting to see what will be the novelties that will turn the world of the Twelve upside down. And no doubt that with all that changes Parchomanciaversion 1.29 of DOFUS will never have known such an alteration.

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