Temptation Island VIP: The temptation is already great at the start of the show

Four celebrity couples put their love to the test at "Temptation Island VIP". At the beginning there are many compliments and a lap dance.

What temptations can a relationship withstand? This is the question four celebrity couples ask themselves on the reality show "Temptation Island VIP". In the ten episodes that will be shown weekly on TVNow from Thursday (October 15), party singers Willi Herren (45) and Mrs. Jasmin (41), DJane Giulia Siegel (45, "Dance!") And Ludwig Heer ( 39), the ex- "Temptation Island" participants Calvin Kleinen (27) and Roxy, as well as the influencers Stephanie Schmitz (26) and Julian Evangelos (28) the ultimate love test. Already in the double sequence at the beginning it becomes clear that loyalty could be difficult.

Tears at the farewell

At the introductory round of couples under the Croatian sun, all eight celebrities are sure of the loyalty of their respective partners. "We both don't run completely smoothly, but that's what makes us different," says Willi Herren about himself and his wife Jasmin. "I want it to be tested," the 41-year-old explains her participation in the format. Ex- "Temptation Island" candidate Calvin Kleinen describes girlfriend Roxy as the "love of his life", to which he wants to remain true. However, host Angela Finger-Erben (40) reminds the 27-year-old that he had made the same statement about his ex Pia Peukmann (30) – and then became weak.

This is followed by the introduction of the 24 single men and women who will put the show participants to the test over the next two weeks. Every celebrity can then choose his or her favorite, before vows of trust are exchanged at the big farewell and tears flow properly. So that Ludwig thinks of Giulia Siegel as often as possible despite the spatial separation, the 45-year-old has hidden several small objects in his suitcase, as she reveals to the audience.

Pool party in the men's villa: Willi Herren feels "like Hugh Hefner"

This is followed by the separate move into the luxury villas, which will have a number of amenities ready in the future. Reason enough for the men to have a blast at a pool party in the evening. You party until late at night – or rather early in the morning – with the seductive twelve single women. "I feel like Hugh Hefner," admits Willi Herren. "It's a dream." An opinion that Ludwig Heer shares. This is exactly how he would imagine a men's vacation, explains the 39-year-old chef.

For women, after moving into their new home, the first thing to do is to keep your distance. At least that's what Giulia Siegel insists on, who recruits the men to carry suitcases, but wants to take a look at the villa alone. At the get-to-know-you party that followed, Roxy once again affirmed that she trusted Calvin. What she does not know: The 27-year-old muscleman, who lives in his mother's house in his old children's room, is having a good time in the men's villa at the same time. Under the terrified eyes of Willi Herren, three women ensnare him, one of whom makes him happy with a lap dance.

The next morning the longing for the partner in both villas is great and tears flow again. Only Calvin has other problems. After sharing the bed with four women, he woke up with a hangover and acute memory loss. What would his Roxy say?

Compliments and crackles on the first dates

On the first dates, the single men and women shift up a gear and hand out a lot of compliments. Especially between Roxy and the man of her choice it seems to be crackling on the beach, as Jasmin Herren suspected the evening before. Meanwhile, her husband Willi can stand firm despite the obvious advances made by pop singer Annabel (33), whom he has known for a long time. The 45-year-old cannot do more than feed each other with fruit.

At the end of the opening episodes, the moderator Finger-Erben invites you to talk again in person – but at a cozy campfire. The gentlemen of creation are shown the first video excerpts from the events in the women's villa – and are not at all enthusiastic about the clumsy manner of the single men. How do the celebrity ladies react to the behavior of their men in the villa?