Ten months in prison suspended for an Afghan man, released from the surveillance zone imposed by the Ministry of the Interior

An Afghan man taken into police custody shortly after his arrival in France was sentenced, Wednesday, August 25, to ten months’ suspended imprisonment for having crossed the limits of the surveillance zone imposed on him by the ministry of inside.

On his arrival from Kabul, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, Ahmat M. was notified with four other Afghans of a “Individual administrative control and surveillance measure” (Micas), provided for under anti-terrorism laws. According to government spokesperson Gabriel Attal, he is part of the entourage of an Afghan who “Would have had a link with the Taliban”, this remaining link ” to define “.

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Housed with his wife, his 3-month-old daughter and several other members of his family in a hotel in Noisy-le-Grand, Ahmat M. was prohibited from leaving this town located east of Paris. However, he was arrested late Monday afternoon in an 18th century grocery store.e arrondissement of Paris, where he was reportedly spotted because he was not wearing a mask.

Born in 1991, according to the minutes cited at the hearing, this man, who said he had been a prosecutor in Afghanistan before resuming his law studies, explained that he wanted to buy medicine because he suffered from headaches and vomiting since arriving in France.

“This is not the case of a Taliban in France left to himself”

In words sometimes confused, he told the hearing in immediate appearance to have followed a man living in the same hotel who allegedly offered to buy him these drugs, without realizing that he was going to Paris. Questioned by investigators, this man, for his part, said that Ahmat M. had asked him to accompany him to Paris to buy SIM cards.

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Ahmat M. also suggested that he had not understood that he was the subject of a surveillance measure, saying that he was absent when the commissioner came with a translator to notify him of the latter and that it was his wife who signed the document, an argument that did not convince the court.

“This is not the case of a Taliban in France left to himself, it is the case of a man who fled his country with his wife and his 3 month old daughter” and who was called out to be “Went to the supermarket”, pleaded his lawyer, Alice Ouaknine. The representative of the prosecution had requested a sentence “Firm and dissuasive” twelve months in prison, six of which were suspended.

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