Tenancy law: summer on the balcony – so it becomes stress-free!

Do! Run to the meatballs and grill what the hell holds? With pleasure! The best thing to do is to invite your neighbors (when the corona crisis is over): after all, if you eat, you don't complain! But note any clauses in your rental agreement: In some rental agreements, barbecuing on the balcony is expressly not permitted or only possible to a limited extent, for example within the framework that no charcoal grill may be used. Otherwise, you risk a warning or even a termination later. Also note possible local regulations: Many municipalities have fixed regulations regarding the frequency of barbecuing. Some cities or municipalities also stipulate that neighbors must be informed two days in advance. And here's a general tip: You can avoid heavy smoke if you just use an electric grill!

To let! Heating up the grill in such a way that your smoke signals call the fire brigade on the scene or the pensioner next door is brought in because of smoke poisoning – that does not have to be the case. The often-held rule of thumb that you can let it smoke properly at least once a month is simply wrong. The principle of mutual respect applies here, because you should always make sure not to disturb your neighbors. In the worst case, a fine could otherwise result.