Tenet: New start date for Christoper Nolan's epic

Now it is certain: The Christopher Nolan epic "Tenet" starts on August 27th after several missed dates in Germany.

The upcoming movie "Tenet" by British star director Christopher Nolan (49, "Inception") has finally new and fixed release dates: As the film company Warner Bros. announced on Monday, the film will now be selected internationally on August 26th Countries. In Germany it can be seen for the first time a day later, on August 27th. In the United States, on the other hand, it should only start around the Labor Day weekend in selected cities, probably from September 3rd or 4th.

Actually, the Nolan epic should have been released on July 17, but due to the global corona pandemic, this date was initially postponed to July 31 and later to August 12. Toby Emmerich (57), Warner Bros. chairman, said about the back and forth that one wants to ensure the greatest chances of success for the film, but also to provide the cinema operators with content if they want to reopen after the lockdowns.

Not much is known about the plot of "Tenet" yet. An official announcement states that it is an action epic that takes place within the world of espionage. Quantum physics and leaps in time are said to play a crucial role in preventing an event that, according to the trailer, is "worse than a nuclear holocaust". The main cast will include Robert Pattinson (34), John David Washington (36) and Michael Caine (87).