Tennis crack Schmidt – the secret number one

Gabriel Schmidt does not appear in the tennis world rankings, but recently underscored the shape of his life with a tournament victory. How it came about, which dream the Flachgauer is chasing after.

Gabriel Schmidt took part in the not very glorious hunt for a few ATP points for barely cash until 2018.

The bottom line: world rankings 1115 as top position and prize money of around 5,000 dollars. Of course there was nothing left: “Because I needed around 1,500 euros each two tournament weeks – exclusive coach”, the end of the professional career, the entry into the coaching life was necessary for “Galli”.

Violated for 500th place
More would have been possible for the now 29-year-old. At the beginning of May Schmidt celebrated the tournament victory in Pörtschach (ÖTV Challenge Series), leaving cracks like Pichler (ATP No. 482) and Hampel (645) behind.

“I believe that I would fiddle for 500th place in the world rankings,” says Salzburg’s secret number one, who was able to train exclusively for herself for the first time in years in the Corona winter.

Like Jakob Aichhorn, Salzburg’s number one in the table (ATP 1045), Schmidt is now hoping for a wildcard for the hot ATP Challenger premiere in July in Anif. First the mission to defend the Bundesliga title with his Mauthausen team (Upper Austria), UTC Radstadt (at the Vienna AC) makes the debut.