TerraMaster launches Terra Photos: like Synology Photos… but for TerraMaster NAS


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September 13, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.


TOS Terra Photos © TerraMaster

© TerraMaster

Ever closer to their counterparts at Synology, the SIN of TerraMaster are complemented by a photo tool in the form of a clone.

In August 2021, Synology launched Synology Photos to combine its two former Photo Station and Moments applications into a single, more user-friendly and powerful module.

Artificial intelligence helps with ranking

Today, TerraMaster therefore seems to want to take up the recipe of its competitor and announces the deployment of Terra Photos within the software TerraMaster Operating System (TOS), user interface of its NAS.

TOS Terra Photos © TerraMaster

© TerraMaster

Terra Photos is therefore an application for managing photos on the brand’s NAS. An application that is however distinguished by the use of artificial intelligence – optional – in order to achieve a better categorization of photos. TerraMaster raises three points:

  • AI Face Recognition: An algorithm built into Terra Photos that automatically recognizes and classifies faces with over 80% accuracy. A manual correction when faces are not identified is there to improve the classification;
  • wider application of AI: Terra Photos can also identify various other elements within photos such as landscapes, pets, sports, vehicles, flowers…;
  • Geographical classification: Terra Photos can embed GPS location information in photos based on map resources and, thus, allow the classification of photos according to their geographical location.

From what we could tell, Terra Photos was not yet included in the latest TOS update. Maybe he is now, but TerraMaster does not give details on this subject.

Source : TechPowerUp

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