terrible news for manga fans

After chapters rich in revelations, the One Piece manga is slowly preparing its final outcome. The author, however, announced bad news for readers.

The end of One Piece is slowly but surely approaching. Eiichiro Oda, creators of the manga, had indicated that readers would still have about two years to spend with Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. Chapter by chapter, the universe continues to expand and the long-awaited revelations are at hand. Who is Im, the “King of the World”, what is the origin of the devil fruits, what secrets hide the World Government, what is the meaning of the “D”? And above all, what is One Piece? These answers will arrive soon, but fans of the work will have to arm themselves with a little more patience than expected.

No One Piece for a while

The Egg Head Island arc continues to be in full swing. For more than 25 chapters now, the One Piece manga has immersed players in the heart of the Vegapunk base, but not only. The work takes the time to present and shed light on the events that took place all over the world, giving some clues as to expected revelations. Will Chapter 1085 once again focus on the Straw Hat Pirates or give us some more juicy bits about the World Government and the established order in general? The mystery remains intact for the moment. On the other hand, the first leaks are harbingers of bad news. One Piece manga will still take a long break.

I’m going to have surgery to correct my astigmatism because it’s interfering with my work. I’ve been discussing this with the editor of Shonen Jump for a year now and I would take four weeks off. I will soon be able to shoot laser beams from my eyes “Explains the mangaka in his message which will be published in the next issue of the famous Japanese magazine. The next chapter of One Piece, number 1087, will therefore be officially released on July 18, 2023 in Japan. As usual, spoilers and leaks should appear about a week before.

One Piece fighting game

A small leak for chapter 1086

And leaks around One Piece Chapter 1086 in all this? Our usual source, Redon has decided to skip the spoilers this week. ” It’s better if you read the chapter straight without spoilers to enjoy it 100% “Explains the leaker on his social networks. It was nevertheless stated that the appearance and name of the leader of the Divine Knights.

This isn’t the first time One Piece has taken such a break. Last year and at the same time, the manga was also put on hold for a month to prepare for the new arc and the final saga of the work. This time, it is the health problems of the artist who are in question. Regularly, the manga misses its publication for a week, Oda needing a few days off per month. The anime will not be impacted and will continue to broadcast according to the usual schedule.

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