Terrifying video: Rabbit talks about everyday animal experiments in the laboratory

Animal testing
Shocking video: Hase talks about his everyday life in the laboratory

Ralph suffers every day – but doesn’t want to make a big deal of it in his interview


Ralph the rabbit reports in a conversational tone about his “job” as an experimental animal: This video from animal rights activists aims to draw attention to the cruel conditions that many animals still have to suffer from for the cosmetics industry.

Ralph the rabbit is totally relaxed: at breakfast he informally tells a camera team that it would all be “just a job” for him. Sure, he’s now blinded in one eye due to the agonizing animal experiments – but someone has to make sure that deodorant and make-up work as they should, right? At the latest when Ralph takes the camera team to his “work place”, the laughter quickly gets stuck in your throat.

Black humor against cruelty to animals

The video of “Human Society International” quickly became a real hit online – and not just among staunch animal rights activists. The bittersweet mixture of the cute rabbit, the cruel conditions in his test laboratory and the deep black humor with which Ralph comments on his everyday life is perhaps simply more convincing than the sober shots of tortured animals that have drawn attention to the problem for years. The producers hope that their video will convince enough people that we urgently need an EU-wide ban on animal testing – therefore the video should also be translated into several languages.

Source: RTL