Tesla AI Days: where is Elon Musk’s humanoid robot that must “transform our civilization”?

Alexander Schmid

October 03, 2022 at 08:58


Tesla AI day optimus © Tesla


A first prototype of Optimus was unveiled on stage by Elon Musk. Tesla’s humanoid robot is expected to be produced on a large scale at a competitive price in the (more or less) near future.

During the Tesla AI Day conference, Elon Musk officially presented a prototype of his humanoid robot, Optimus, which was teased a few weeks ago.

Tesla relies on AI to impose Optimus

Bumble C, the name of the prototype seen on stage, was distinguished by a small dance step and a wave of the hand to the public. We didn’t see much more during this live broadcast, with Musk admitting he didn’t want to risk the robot falling flat in the middle of the presentation. Pre-recorded videos allowed us to see him at work carrying boxes and arranging them on a shelf.

The Tesla boss, however, claimed that the machine was capable of far more movement and action than has been shown. While new technologies have been introduced on Bumble C, which is therefore the first publicly available version of Optimus, it is also largely based on software, features and sensors borrowed from the automaker’s autonomous driving.

Elon Musk clarified that other firms have already designed humanoid robots with a more sophisticated design and better engineering, but that Optimus will stand out thanks to its artificial intelligence.

Tesla AI day optimus © Tesla


No commercialization before 2025

To prove their usefulness, Tesla has already planned to use units at its California factory in Fremont. Eventually, she explains, the robot should be able to help with household chores, such as cooking or gardening. The company also hopes to be able to make the discussion with its natural robot, almost as if we were talking with a human being.

Elon Musk insists that this project is very different from those that may have been announced by other companies, because Tesla’s goal is mass production and a much more affordable price than the competition. The one who is on trial against Twitter mentioned a tariff “ probably less than $20,000 “, a statement that we will take with a grain of salt as we are used to Musk’s announcement effects.

The Bumble C prototype features a 2.3 kWh battery, a Tesla SoC, and has Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. But years of development are still needed before Optimus is finalized. Ambitious, Elon Musk wants to produce millions of units, with the first units delivered within three to five years… if all goes well.

Source : The Verge

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