Tesla cars are now able to adjust the suspension based on road conditions

Stephane Ficca

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July 06, 2022 at 4:45 p.m.


Tesla Model Y © David Nogueira

© David Nogueira for Clubic

The new Tesla update allows certain vehicles to benefit from automatic suspension adjustment.

The system will be based on a map generated directly by the brand’s other vehicles.

Vehicles that adapt to their environment

In 2020, Elon Musk suggested the arrival of a function to allow a Tesla vehicle to adjust its suspension by itself according to the state of the road. This function is now available and will work using map data generated by Tesla vehicles in circulation (via their various on-board cameras). They will thus be able to identify and centralize potholes, road defects and other delicate surfaces.

On the manufacturer’s side, we explain: The Tesla Adaptive Suspension will now adjust the ride height based on a rough section of road ahead. This adjustment may occur in various places, subject to availability, when the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by other Tesla cars. »

Obviously, to benefit from this new functionality, it is necessary not only to have a Tesla vehicle equipped with adaptive suspensions, but also to download the 2022.20 update. From then on, you will have to go to the Suspensions section and choose the “Comfort” or “Automatic” mode.

Tesla is not the first to offer such a feature, but the system implemented should prove very practical. The system will take care of automatically softening the suspensions on specific sections of road, scanned upstream by other Tesla vehicles.

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